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Creatures - 7
3 Gargoyle Sentinel
2 Chasm Skulker
2 Talrand, Sky Summoner

Other Spells - 29
4 Vapor Snag
4 Negate
4 Nullify
4 Think Twice
4 Voyage's End
4 Inspiration
3 Dissolve
1 Time Warp
1 Counterlash

Lands - 24
20 Island
4 Radiant Fountain


This plays like a classic “draw-go” control deck. Basically, that means you’re going to play your cards during your opponent’s turn, spending most of the early game bouncing and countering stuff. And this is where instant speed card draw is necessary for draw-go decks. If you didn’t counter anything from your opponent, then you play the card draw at the end of your opponent’s turn, keeping your hand full of counters and bounce. Chasm Skulker and Talrand are the finishers of the deck, and they do their job well. However, just because they cost 3-4 mana doesn’t mean you should be tapping out to play them on turns 3 and 4. Instead, you should be playing them when you have mana available to protect them with your counters.

Card Analysis:

Void Snare - Biggest reason to not include it is the sorcery speed. If enchantments and artifacts do become troublesome, it could easily find its way into the deck as a 2-3of.

Coral Barrier/Guard Gomazoa/Kraken Hatchling - All of these are kind of competing for the Gargoyle’s spot in the deck. I chose the Gargoyle for 2 main reasons. First, as a 3/3 it can stop more creatures from attack than the others. The Hatchling is nice, but it’s not going to stop your opponent’s 1/1 tokens from swinging every turn. Coral Barrier gives you a 1/1 token to work with, but it’s nothing spectacular. The Gomazoa is the biggest competition for the Gargoyle. It gets flying without having to pay 3 mana and it can safely block bigger creatures without dying. However, the Gomazoa still wouldn’t stop a pair of 2/2 creatures from attacking. The Gargoyle’s 3/3 body lets it destroy more smaller creatures than the other options are capable of. The other main reason I went with the gargoyle is that it can serve as an alternate (but really slow) win condition if necessary.

Counterlash - It’s really just here as another counterspell. As dlc comes out, it’ll probably get replaced by something else.

Sphinx-Bone Wand - Certainly a useable win condition. I liked Talrand and Chasm Skulker because they can be played sooner and it’s easier to play them and keep mana open to play instants the turn you play them. The Bone-Wand does have the advantage of not dying to creature removal however.