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Update 8/2/2014

Well, now that the deck building guide is finished, time to get back to posting decks. It's not that I haven't been building/playing them recently, I just haven't posted them yet until now. I've got plans to add up to 22 decks (maybe a few less) until we get some expansion dlc cards. In the meantime, I'll be working on a variety of decks (most will be control, but some won't).

Welcome to my website for Duels of the Planeswalkers. Due to some of the responses I'm getting, I've decided to post my deck builds and evaluations on here so more people can have access to them. They're pretty much just copy/paste from the topics I made on, so if some of the wording seems a little strange, it's because I haven't gone through and refined it.

Generally, my playstyle is heavy control, so expect things from that perspective. I'm also still working on unlocking/building several of the new expansion decks, so please be patient in that. I may also make minor adjustments to some decklists after receiving feedback and doing more playtesting.